On a more serious slant today. This afternoon I decided to begin shutting down my Facebook profile, 1 disconnection per day until I hit 0 connections and delete my account around New Year's 2015.

Here's the note that I posted up on my Wall earlier...

(Do the kids even still call their FB profile their "Wall"?)

(also: You've read that "social contagion" news article in the Atlantic that's been blowing up today, right?)

Hey all,

So, I've decided to begin gradually closing down my Facebook account, partly because that now-famous "social contagion" experiment feels like a weird hubristic last-straw for me and partly because I've just been enjoying other free services like G+ and Twitter a lot more over the past few years.

Don't panic, though. Here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to disconnect from only one person on Fb per day, starting with the redundant connections (ie the friends who I already talk to most often on Twitter or G+... or via phone or email or :gasp: face-to-face). Eventually, I'll reach the friends who are mainly connected to me via Fb. I'll message those folks one at a time and make sure we agree on another channel to contact each other before I disconnect. Family members, I'll wait and disconnect you guys at the very last, and I'll call you on the day that I do it, ok? Love you!

Basically, I want to stop using Facebook but I don't want to fall completely out of touch with anyone. It's not you guys that are making me want to leave the site. It's the weirdo corporate overlords who are running this thing.

I currently have 173 friends on Fb. At one per day, that means I'll reach 0 and delete my account in late December, right around the end of the year.

See you around all over the Internet, space cowboys... just not here!


Response has been generally positive. I've considered just pressing the nuke button before, but I knew I'd instantly regret it. Over the years, for all its creeper tendencies, Fb has been a really valuable communication tool for me. It's gonna feel weird living without it, but also kinda liberating I think?

I'll post more updates if anything interesting happens along the way, but I'm guessing that this is just going to be a boring & easy hand-off to other redundant communications media.

See yr friend-faces in the webnets, cyberhoodlums. Onward.